It provides the opportunity to monitor the competencies of candidates in recruitment, talent acquisition, career management and organizational development processes.



It is an important tool that allows observing the competencies of candidates, giving important clues about their suitability for the job and position, and whether they are prone to team acting.



It can also be used as a tool to make you feel a part of the organization, such as the candidate to know the company in the recruitment process, to learn the business processes, values and strategies, and to know the headquarters if it is taken in a different location.



It is an important tool for determining the strong and developing areas of your employees, preparing development plans for the development of those areas and creating stronger individuals and teams.



The dissemination and internalization of company strategies, values and culture among employees is an important tool that can be used to increase employee loyalty, motivation and employee satisfaction.



It is an important tool that allows observing the competencies of individuals in the talent pool and gives important clues about how they are prone to team acting.

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